Are Green Coffee Bean Extract & Capsules The Same?

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Capsules

You may have heard of the green coffee bean extract, but then the green coffee bean capsule was tossed out. Is the capsule the same thing as the extract? Are there two different versions to choose from if you are thinking of adding this to your diet plan? The short answer is yes, the extract and the capsule are the same thing. The green coffee bean extract is what is put in to a capsule, or pill form.

The Process of Making a Capsule

Green Coffee Bean Extract and CapsulesGreen coffee beans are ones that are picked but not roasted. Roasted coffee beans are what make the coffee beverage. Green beans cannot be used to make a beverage because they are so bitter. Without the roasting process, the beans are not flavorful enough to even try and taste because of how awful it is. Conversely, roasted coffee beans do not contain the same health benefits as green coffee beans do because the roasting process is what breaks down the healthy components of the bean.

Green coffee beans and soaked in water for a time and the healthful ingredients are pulled from the beans. It is put in to a concentrated form, which is also the extract. The healthy ingredient pulled from the bean that makes the extract is called chlorogenic acid. Researchers believe chlorogenic acid prevents the intestines from absorbing much of the sugar that is ingested in to the body. Therefore, it is processed out faster and the calories will not build up in the body, especially when eating sweets.

Chlorogenic acid is also believed to control the blood sugar levels by inhibiting an enzyme that is produced and released by the liver. The healthier level of blood sugar will not only make the person feel better, it will help them break down sugars in the system faster than if the acid was not in the system. Having the green coffee bean extract in your diet is not a reason to go out and continue eating a lot of sweets, however. Keep the amount of refined sugar in your diet to a minimum and the green coffee bean extract will work in tandem with it to keep the weight down and to prevent diabetes from developing.

How to Take the Capsule

Green Coffee Bean Extract and CapsulesEven though the capsule is an extract and not the entire bean, it will still have a resemblance to the bean. Green coffee beans are not available for purchase and would not taste good to eat in any form. Even in the pill form, it will taste slightly bitter, even though it is swallowed quickly. The recommended dose is to be taken prior to a meal, with a large glass of water. The capsule will start the digestion process, but since you are having a meal or a large snack shortly after, the bitterness won’t turn in to a sour after taste you need to live with for a long time.

The capsule should be taken once or twice per day, before one or two different meals. The person can choose what two meals to take it with as to make it work within their schedule. As long as the capsules are taken on a regular basis, the weight loss will begin to show after just a couple of weeks. When the extract is coupled with a healthy diet and an exercise program, then the result become more obvious a lot sooner. Losing weight can be expected with taking a green coffee bean capsule, but don’t rely on it to be the only method to make your body be healthier. Use diet and exercise to promote a healthier person overall.

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